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Well, everyone knows that sealing machines are a backbone of packing industry because of the type of work they perform. And having a tailor made automatic sealing machine is a dire necessity for companies/firms which falls under the category of packaging/processing industry. To make work easier for this industrial sector, our researcher & developers have developed an multifarious range of tailor made sealing machines, to meet any kind of demand such as vacuum sealing machine and other. Because of all these positive known things we are a proclaimed leader among sealing machinery manufacturers/suppliers from India.

Foot Sealer-RSF-12 V
  • Hot bar Sealers with energy regulator for sealing laminated pouches / bags.
  • Impulse sealer for sealing LDPP pouches / bags.
  • These machine are convertional for use by simple foot operation.

  • Hand Sealer-RSH-12 I
  • Hand operated impulse sealer with precise electronic control.
  • Used for sealing of heat sealable poly pouches.
  • Suitable for packing solids, granules, powder, metallic components, etc.
  • Ideal for use in shops, bakeries and home products packing.
  • Models available with 200, 300 & 400 mm sealing length.

  • Glass Sealer/Jar Sealer: -These machines are used for sealing mineral water glass, cheese cup, medicine jars and bottles etc.

    Band Sealer
    • Ideal for high productivity in the sealing of flexible pouches in mass production.
    • Used for the packing of bags for food, confectionary, powders, cakes, candles, seeds, grains, sweets and wet substances etc.
    • It is also used for medicinal parts, screws , bolts, tools, electronic and electrical components, toys etc.
    • Suitable for packing sterlized pouches of medical instruments, Pathalogical samples, sanitary packagings, pharmaceuticals and drugs etc.
    • They are designed for sealing PE, PP, OPP, LDPE, LLDPE, HMHD Bags, All types of laminated materials.

    Handy Blister Sealer
    • It is suitable for products those cannot be packed in flexible pouches.
    • It is widely used for fast food restaurants and take away those need to serve neatly packed hot food to customers. The packed food can be heated in a microwave.
    • It seals readymade containers made of PP, PVC, PS, PET etc.
    • It can be used for bakery and confectionary products, Mithai products, Fast food products, take away food, dry fruits snacks, flight and rail catering food items etc.

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